Manbhawati Devi Agriculture Beneficiary Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Manbhawati Devi is a farmer residing in the village of Kakrahiya, Varanasi struggling against poverty. She is a widow and a single parent of 4 children. Earlier, she used to earn an average income of INR 1500, that too after rounds of negotiations and distress. After connecting with the Sakhi Farmer Basket Micro Enterprise Group, she is able to contribute up to Rs. 2500 per month to the family income of Rs. 8,000-INR 10,000 per month. Manbhawati Devi feels happy and motivated as a farmer as she now receives a fixed price for her produce and does not need to travel far to go to the market and sell her produce.

Akriti Patel
Clothing and Textile Beneficiary
Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Akriti was keen to stand on her own and financially support her famliy, as her husband was pursuing his studies. She stitched clothes to earn an income, but with her limited stitching skills, she was not able to earn more than Rs 2000 on an average. After becoming a part of the Swablamban Program, she received training to advance her stitching skills and has now become the major contributor to her family’s income with INR 8000 per month. She has also noticed a change in the mind set and attitude of the people and social structure around her. Her family, in-laws and other members of the village community have become more accepting and supportive of her financial independence – a change many of our women beneficiaries have experienced.

Divya Gupta
MIRI Associate Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh)

Divya is the first MIRI Associate to establish a rural product market by creating a network of urban customers. Divya has always wanted to have a better quality of life for her husband and children but she never had the courage to leave the house for any kind of work. Today, after joining the Swavlamban Program, her monthly income of INR 5000 is just one of her achievements. She has become more mobile and can to her children’s school, the doctor, the market, to meet relatives, and above all, to connect with people and bring them on board as customers for products sold by beneficiaries under the Swavlamban Program. Earlier, she was completely dependent on her husband, but now, she shares equal economic responsibility. Divya’s hard work and strong will is inspiring for women who want to become self-dependent.