Our Innovative Solution: Two-Way Supply Chain

What makes Swavlamban special is its reverse supply chain network that connects urban and rural India..
We bring in the desired inputs for rural producers and take their final output to the market.

Drishtee has pioneered a business model of aggregating branded and packaged FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) and supplying these to small corner stores in remote villages. It took nearly 6 years for the model to become sustainable. Swavlamban uses the same vehicle which delivers last mile, to provide the first mile out of the village and take rural products to urban and semi urban areas. To make this system more efficient and scalable, we are using an App-based tool MIRI to utilise existing capacity available on multimodal rural transportation system.

Made in Rural India (MIRI)

Made in Rural India (MIRI) is an offline and online platform enabled by Drishtee to facilitate a relationship of respect and interdependence between rural producers and urban families by:

  • Empowering rural producers to use their skills of producing valuable products and earn a respectable livelihood and regular income in their villages.
  • Opening the stream of health and wellbeing to flow seamlessly into an urban household through carefully chosen exquisite products.

MIRI falls under the Swavlamban approach to create a channel linkage between urban and rural market.