Our Journey

Drishtee has travelled a 19-year journey full of challenges.
This journey would not have been
as enjoyable had it not been for the support of millions of rural families
and several like-minded partners, who joined us and walked along with us in
complete trust.

Drishtee began as a technology solution provider in rural areas.
The model pioneered an ICT revolution which was later carried forward by the Government.

Drishtee Foundation was registered as a Society.

Drishtee Foundation recognised as an efficient last- mile distribution network for rural stores. To address capital linkages, we also partnered with SBI and started e-banking kiosks.

We launched the 4C Approach – Community, Capacity, Capital and Channel – which has been driving all our initiatives and activities since.

Drishtee Foundation initiated its flagship program Swavlamban: We shifted our focus to the empowerment of families rather than individuals. We defined our role as a facilitator rather than a service provider.

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