Our Model for Capacity Building: Hub and Spokes

We are an NSDC partner, and have skilled more than 100,000 rural youth in IT, Farming, Non Farming, Textile, Construction skills, using The Hub and Spoke Model. We have now evolved this business model to add various NOS (National open Standard) approved training programs aimed at building rural livelihood skills. Many of these skills also open the way towards enterprise development in the villages.


How does the Hub and Spoke Model work?

The Training Centre HUB called “Drishtee Livelihood Centres (DLC)”is created in key block areas covering all type of paid training – mobilization and awareness, in the 5-10 kms area around. In the 10-15 surrounding villages, Spoke centres for the DLC are created as per training demand and requirement for short term training. Trained and interested candidates in the Spoke Centres are promoted to the Hub centre for advance training focused on livelihood output.


Drishtee Franchisees: Our Local Partners

Our training programs are conducted through a Drishtee franchisee owned center, wherein a trained rural youth acts as the franchisee and offers training courses on a revenue sharing basis. This ensures local ownership of the model and sets an exemplar of local entrepreneurship for other trainees to aspire towards and learn from.


Check out our different Skilling and Livelihood Activities at our various locations.