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Governing Body
Mamta Mishra, President, Drishtee Foundation
A committed and innovative lady hailing from an educated middle class family, which has its roots in a small village in Bihar (India). She holds a BA degree (Honours in Hindi) and possesses an outstanding level of expertise and experience in the fields of social entrepreneurship. She is fifty-plus but still bubbling with energy and creativity to bring in a positive change in the rural sectors through ICTs. She has been the flag-holder of Drishtee Foundation since its inception and played a pivotal role in outreach and community-oriented programmes.

Nitin Gachhayat, Vice-President, Drishtee Foundation
Nitin is one of the co-founders of Drishtee and holds an MBA from FORE School of Management. He brings with him a innovative strategy for devising path-breaking research frontals with best technological inputs. He is instrumental in building the not-for-profit character of Drishtee Foundation also keeping the entrepreneurial strength of Drishtee kiosks intact, being a part of the social-enterprise network of Drishtee.

Swapna Mishra, General Secretary and Founder Member of DF
Swapna joined Drishtee Foundation in 2003 to combine her social passion with IT work experience. She has worked on various projects since last 4 years related to Women Entrepreneurship Promotion with various partners of Drishtee, like Nike Foundation, IFC, DFID etc. He plays a vital role in enhancing process and quality at all levels of Operations and Project Management.

Chandan Kumar, Secretary, Drishtee Foundation
Chandan is a dynamic and dedicated founder member of DF who has been a source of energy for the organisation. He has played a key role in initiating the Need Assessment Surveys of the districts and establishing linkages with the government while sensitising the local administration and the government towards ICT implementations.

Shailesh K. Thakur, Treasurer, Drishtee Foundation
Shailesh is a financial management consultant to the organisation. He played a lead role in advocacy and government sensitisation on e-Governance. He has promoted Drishtee e-Prashasan Kendras i.e. single windows at the government offices for service delivery to the citizens.

Satyan Mishra, Governing Body Member, Drishtee Foundation
An Ashoka Foundation Fellow and Drishtee's Managing Director, Satyan has an extensive experience in creating and implementing sustainable micro enterprise models. Satyan takes a lead role in streamlining Drishtee Foundation's role in facilitating the values through social enterprise approach and creating a platform for economic and social empowerment of marginalized communities and populations. He is key strategic consultant in carving out the best role for Drishtee Foundation in the global ICT sector.

Meenu Mishra, Governing Body Member, Drishtee Foundation
Meenu is a former secretary and a dynamic member of Drishtee Foundation. She has been an athlete and basketball player in her university years but still continues with her sportsman spirit and inspires DF for dedication and hard-work. She brings in specific social and networking strengths to the organisation.