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Our Partners
Acumen Fund is one of the leading investors in Drishtee. With Acumen Fund's investment, Drishtee is expanding its entrepreneur programmes to include a variety of health related services. Drishtee also increases the overall number of entrepreneurs and the geographic coverage.

Acumen Fund has also availed structured loans made to Drishtee Foundation, a not-for profit trust to support rural entrepreneurs by providing them with micro-credit.
The Amaron Hi-life automotive battery is a product that incorporates the latest technological advances in the field and is at par with developed countries. Drishtee has partnered with Amara Raja to distribute Amaron batteries in rural India.
In 2008, Drishtee Foundation has made a three year commitments to enabling Education and Livelihood for 2 million rural families; provide banking and micro-finance services to 10.5 million families; and provide basic health care for 1 million rural families. In this regard, Drishtee has received a citation and a plaque.
The International Finance Corporation's (IFC) Grassroots Business Initiative (GBI) has provided Drishtee with grant funding to reinforce and scale up its network of entrepreneurs.
IFMR Trust had partnered with Drishtee Foundation to pilot a kiosk based individual lending model for financial services delivery through entrepreneur owned kiosks.
Drishtee Foundation has partnered with MicroSave to create right systems and processes for its micro-finance vertical. MicroSave is a team of experienced professionals that has been operating for ten years and is 'the most reliable consulting firm for financial service providers'.
Microsoft has been one of the leading partners of Drishtee. It has partnered with Drishtee on different innovative projects. Some of the projects include, Delivering rural e-Commerce and e-Health in rual villages using tablet PC, Penetration of ICT in rural India, ICT Kiosk pilot in West Bengal, etc.
Drishtee has assisted the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India for ICT Segmentation of 2488 Gram Panchayats in Assam. Drishtee Foundation had developed the 'ICT Segmentation Model' for this study.
Recently, Drishtee has entered into a partnership with Nestlé India to create a rural supply chain network in India. Initially, Nestlé India is leveraging Drishtee's rural retail network to sell its products and understand the rural needs.
Nike Foundation has supported Drishtee to enable women entrepreneurs in rural India. Through this partnership, the percentage of women entrepreneurs has increased from 10% to 30%.
Oikocredit is one of the world's largest sources of private funding to the micro-finance sector. Oikocredit has supported Drishtee Foundation with working capital for micro-finance. In turn, Drishtee disburse life-changing loans to the poor and disadvantaged in rural India.
Scojo Foundation was established by the partners of Scojo Vision, LLC. Drishtee and Scojo devised a process through which they train local entrepreneurs to perform basic eye test and sell low-cost reading glasses.
telecentre.org is one of the valued partners of Drishtee. It has supported Drishtee on different innovative projects. The telecentre.org supported Drishtee to setup rural BPOs in Saurath village of Bihar.
Drishtee had partnered with Universal Specs (U-Specs), a Dutch based company in partnership with Philips India to develop adjustable eye glasses to low income group at affordable prices.
Halloran Philanthropies is US based Social Organization. Their work supports the development and promotion of sustainable social ventures that seek to raise people's level of well-being, while respecting the cultural diversity and ecological integrity of present and future generations.
Danone (France based) is a Fortune 500 Company and one of the most successful healthy food companies in the world. Its mission is 'to bring health through tasty, nutritious and affordable food and beverage products to as many people as possible'.
Novartis is an innovative healthcare products company; and its 'Arogya Parivar', an innovative outreach by Novartis India aims to build a sustainable, profitable business that improves access to healthcare among the underserved millions in rural India by creating awareness, enhancing local availability, and designing appealing and affordable health solutions.