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Completed Projects
  • Micro-credit for Education
  • Jantaa education loans were designed to provide village students with a low-interest loan alternative to pursue primary and vocational education. This pilot project was implemented in four states namely, Assam, Bihar, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

    Partner - Jantaa
  • Capacity builing for individual micro-credit lending
  • This pilot action research project, supported by the IFMR trust, aimed to advance the mission of universal financial inclusion and improve the availability of financial services to the low income households, by disbursing micro-loans to individuals for enterprise development, training kiosk owners, developing the process for individual loan disbursement and capacity building.

    Partner - IFMR Trust
  • Banking for financial inclusion
  • Drishtee Foundation has entered into an agreement with the State Bank of India and HDFC Bank to extend Business Correspondent and Business Facilitator services to rural India.

    Partner - State Bank of India and HDFC Bank
  • Piloting rural water
  • Drishtee Foundation took up an initiative for supplying water in the village on a pilot scale and using a sustainable model; an initiative for sustained livelihood and well being of marginalised farmers. This project was supported by Acumen Fund.

    Partner - Acumen Fund
  • Piloting rural BPO through telecentres
  • With the support from telecentre.org, Drishtee Foundation has created a rural BPO in Saurath village of Bihar. The project has had a positive impact on creating gainful employment and reduce migration.

    Partner - telecentre.org
  • Understanding rural lighting needs
  • In rural India, over 78 million households lack access to electricity. Recognising the need to change the existing scenario in rural India, Drishtee Foundation took up a research project for D.Light Design, USA to understand the rural lighting needs and how solar powered lamps can be a safe and affordable option for the disadvantaged.

    Partner - D.Light Design, USA
  • Empowering rural India with Right to Information
  • Drishtee Foundation undertook a pilot initiative on assessing and promoting RTI Act at Gram Panchayat level, in two identified districts of Haryana and Bihar.

    Partner - Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India
  • Understanding capacity of Gram panchayats in backward states
  • Drishtee Foundation undertook a survey in backwards of Bihar, Orissa and Chattisgarh to understand the capacity of the Gram Panchayats, so as to help design a comprehensive training for the capacity building of Gram Panchayat members.

    Partner - Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India
  • Financial inclusion through telecentres
  • Considering the need for small financial assistance to poor artisans, businessmen and women in the rural part, Drishtee has taken up initiative for carrying microfinance activities. In order to address this emerging need, Drishtee Foundation has arranged external commercial borrowing from US based Acumen Fund.

    Partner - Acument Fund
  • Empowering women entrepreneurs
  • This project was given by Drishtee, supported by International Finance Corporation and Nike Foundation. Under this project, society identified women entrepreneurs in rural parts of western Uttar Pradesh, train and promote them. Where under 103 village level women entrepreneurs were selected assisted and trained.

    Partner - Drishtee, International Finance Corporation and Nike Foundation
  • Project Jyoti
  • Project 'Jyoti' under Microsoft's Unlimited Potential Programme is for empowering women on technology and entrepreneurship skills that can change their lives, transform communities, and strengthen local economies as-well-as create employment or income generation opportunities for women

    Partner - Microsoft
  • Viability of ICT projects in West Bengal
  • With the support from Microsoft, Drishtee Foundation carried out a polot project in 5 selected districts of West Bengal to find out the viability of ICT projects viz-a-viz the government work.

    Partner - Microsoft
  • Segmentation of 2488 Panchayats of Assam for ICT initiatives
  • This research project on 'ICT Segmentation of Panchayats in Assam' was taken up by Drishtee Foundation for the Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Department of IT (DIT), for studying the viability of setting-up ICT based Common Services Centers (CSC) in 2488 Gram Panchayats (GPs) of Assam, based on Drishtee's 'ICT Segmentation Model'

    Partner - Ministry of Panchayati Raj and Department of Information Technology
  • Prospects of info-services in India villages, using telephone media
  • A survey project was undertaken by Drishtee Foundation for World Talk, a UK based social organisation, to assess the potential and prospects of disseminating information and services to villagers through telephone media or using voice mail box on various government schemes, health services, agriculture activities, rural employment, development programmes, classifieds, employment, etc.

    Partner - World Talk
  • Rural e-Commerce and rural e-Health in Indian villages, using tablet PC
  • A study was taken up for Microsoft Corporation (Technology Partner of Drishtee Foundation) with an aim to explore the usage of Tablet PC at village kiosk level for rural e-Commerce and rural e-Health initiatives in India.

    Partner - Microsoft
  • Open Knowledge Network
  • 'Open Knowledge Network' (OKN) is an ICT based project, operated and managed by Drishtee Foundation in collaboration with OWSA (One World South Asia), aims at setting-up and running OKN Content Management Hubs with Access Points (rural kiosks) deep in the villages of rural India to collect, edit and share local knowledge (contents) among local people in local language by networking among local knowledge workers; and disseminate OKN Content through electronic and print media in rural areas.

    Partner - One World South Asia
  • Need/ demand assessment survey
  • In an effort to leverage ICTs and provide citizens (urban and rural) the e-gov services and other services/information that benefits them, Drishtee Foundation had carried out need assessment surveys in various districts.

    Partner - Drishtee, IFC and District Administration
  • Lifelines India
  • To pilot the Lifelines India project in the first year, OWSA has identified Drishtee and few other implementing agencies for North India in hundreds of villages in the districts of Sirsa in Haryana and Madhubani in Bihar. While local community members in each of these locations would facilitate the farmers to take advantage of the services offered by the project, experts and information gatekeepers at the Drishtee Kiosks would offer information services to the farmers through their support networks.

    Partner - One World South Asia, British Telecom and Cisco
  • Village computing project
  • Grameen Foundation US and Activist for Social Alternatives (ASA) partnered with Drishtee Foundation to pilot a revenue sustainable ICT model in rural parts of Tamil Nadu.

    Partner - Grameen Foundation and Activist for Social Alternatives (ASA)
  • Role of ICT in agriculture
  • Drishtee Foundation piloted a ICT model centre for disseminating agriculture related content to serve the needs of farmers and small traders.

    Partner - Indian Agribusiness Society and Uttaranchal Diversified Agriculture Support                   Project