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Drishtee Foundation believes that the role of advocacy is of immense value. Sensitising and organising people about concerns and issues of public interest and putting pressure on the policy makers is of utmost importance. Give its importance, DF has certain value points for Advocacy.
  • Bridging the digital and information divide
    Information and Communication Technology is playing a remarkable role to bridge the gap between the information haves and have not's. Advocacy ensures the adequate thought and resources allocated to the cause worldwide. This helps in promoting the growth of ICT and establishing its role in development

  • Enhancing participation at the grassroots level
    DF advocates the direct and indirect involvement of the grassroots in the process of ICT implementation and usage. From demand assessment to promotions and also during implementations and impact assessment, the main concern is the value addition for the grassroots and from the grassroots. DF with its tools of research and promotion ensures that the ICT benefits reach the last mile
  • Social inclusion for awareness and decision making
    Social Inclusion at all levels: government, corporate sector, user groups, ICT implementing agencies, public sector, etc. is denoted not only by making them aware but also by initiating a thought process which brings all inside the circle. Inclusion in a participatory way involves various communities in decision making. Social Inclusion at all levels would become the key to the success of all the community oriented projects in future. DF advocates the implementation of Multi-stakeholder partnership model of Drishtee Soochnalaya as one of the tested ways of promoting social inclusion ensuring participation with responsibility at each level

  • Social entrepreneurship
    Entrepreneurs belonging to the local communities would be able to come up with best ways of making the ICT Centers or Kiosks most profitable and sustainable. Kiosk outreach and its growth depend largely on the entrepreneurial skills of the person managing it. Thus, DF advocates Entrepreneur Development & Training and Participation of the Entrepreneur in promoting and running the Kiosks. DF through its operations ensures training and proactive participation of the Kiosk Owner for his/ her profitability and livelihood through the kiosks for the social value addition

  • Sustainable efforts for development through ICT
    DF advocates sustainability and not the piloting of the ICT models. Implementing and supporting the service delivery model with entrepreneur-centric approach, grassroots inclusion, awareness, training and research advocates the sustainability through profitability. DF efforts extend the rural ICT
    Life Cycle at both the ends thus enhancing the participation from each section and also the sustainability factor

  • Developing women's ICT based enterprises
    Women in the rural communities have a wider role to play especially when most of the rural areas are facing the problem of migration to the cities. As most of the men migrate to the near-by towns and cities, the women left behind if involved in progressive and enterprising tasks, can bring in a sustainable development to their own young ones and the community as a whole. Through projects like 'Sensitization of Community - for more and better Women's ICT based enterprise' for University of Manchester, UK and 'Women Entrepreneurs' Capacity Building' Project by Unlimited Potential, DF is trying to strengthen the Women owned ICT enterprises - especially the ICT Centers - Drishtee Kiosks, also building their capacity to handle such tasks